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Hope in the Wait

Seasons of waiting are hard. They can be downright excruciating at times. One of the hardest areas of waiting comes around our purpose and calling. For what purpose has God put us on this Earth? What are we uniquely gifted to offer to this world? This is a prayer my soul asks of God often. And as He’s clarified the giftings and even purpose, I continue to ask Him how to best use them, who benefits from them, and so on.

One Wild Life came about from a dream that I believe He put on my heart. And while the name and business are in existence, the extent of that dream is still yet to be realized. And so I wait! Yet I do not wait idly. With it comes obedient steps of action that, I believe, are leading to the realization of the vision in my dream. To wait is not passive but active. And as always, God has shown us examples and given us direction in His Word.

One of the greatest Biblical examples of waiting is found with the Israelite people. They wait in famine for rescue to Egypt. They wait in Egypt for rescue from slavery. They wait in the desert for entrance to the Promised Land. They wait for the Savior. Sometimes the wait is long; sometimes it seems interminable.

Oftentimes it’s in the space of waiting that we, like the Israelites, lose faith. The doubt sets in because we believe that God has shown us the way things will be, but they still haven't come to be. Maybe we got it wrong. Did we misunderstand?

I was in the book of Joshua and was all excited because finally the Israelites were going to be entering the Promised Land. But I quickly learned that while it was promised to Israel, it was still inhabited by others. It would still be several years before the land would be conquered and the tribes would receive their portion to settle.

In Joshua 11, we see in verse 5 that “all these kings joined forces…to fight against Israel.” It can feel like

we have many enemies coming all together at the same time–bills, work responsibilities, children’s needs, distractions of all kinds! That’s just for the daily stuff! Imagine trying to make changes to better yourself and your life, moving towards God’s purpose. This movement is a signal to the Enemy of our Souls whose goal is to keep us as far from God’s purpose as possible. The opposition is overwhelming; it feels too much to bear.

But God promised victory to Israel through Joshua in verse six just as He promises victory to us through Jesus.

V. 6 “The Lord said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them…I will give over all of them…to Israel.” (emphasis mine)

  • First, the result is God’s work, not ours.

  • God promises victory over ALL the enemies.

  • And that victory is for ISRAEL…the whole nation, not just for Joshua.

If we use this pattern in our own lives, we see that God’s will is not done because of our own effort or work; the results are His alone. We courageously agree to follow His command. Also, we trust that He will remove the barriers, and by putting on the full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20), we will be protected from all forms of enemy. Finally, any victory enjoyed through the fulfillment of our purpose will not be for ourselves individually. Victory in our purpose is to positively impact others–our families, our neighbors, our communities, our organizations, and so on–all for the glory of God.

Joshua’s response to God’s promise was complete obedience.

V. 15 “...and so Joshua did. He left nothing undone of all that the Lord had commanded…”

  • He left nothing undone. Not one thing. All that God asked of him, he did.

  • The compensation for his obedience wasn’t glory or wealth for himself but the whole nation of Israel (from verse 6).

Our response to God’s promises and revealed purpose in our lives is simply to obey. If our purpose is to raise children, we show up every day to lead them, build them a home, and disciple them. If our purpose is to lead a team, we stay level-headed, draw out the creativity and productivity of its members, and inspire with vision. Whatever your purpose may be, list out all who will benefit from your success in it. And rather than being overcome by the call, get in God’s Word to be renewed in His promises.

Joshua had no quick victory leading battle in Canaan. The Israelites didn’t cross the Jordan River and quickly settle their homes. It took time, resources, energy, and work.

V. 18 “Joshua made war a long time with all those kings.”

  • This wasn’t one epic battle that Joshua led in victory. There were many battles over a period of 5-7 years.

If God is all powerful, why take so much time? There are several possibilities: to remind the Israelites how much they depend on God, to build trust in Him, to create a lasting impression, to teach them physical skills (they were not yet warriors but wanderers) and mental skills (patience, resilience, strength, strategy). The point is that the opposition wasn’t without purpose. Nothing God does is ever wasted but is allowed to intentionally teach us, grow us, and lead us.

Waiting on God–His timing, His provision, His results–is one of the surest things we can do. In verse 23, we see that “Joshua took the whole land…and gave it for an inheritance to Israel…” So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your waiting season, dig into God’s promises. Be comforted by His peace found in Jesus (John 16:33). Be strengthened in His presence (Isaiah 41:10). Build up your confidence not in what you can do, but in the One who leads the way (Proverbs 3:5-6).

What does actively waiting on God practically look like?

  • Meditating on His word

  • Prayer

  • Coaching/therapy

  • Journaling

  • Leaning into your children or your job

  • Buying the web domain, taking the class, etc.


One Wild Life offers several different ways to not walk the road of waiting alone, but rather in community. Let’s do the work together through workshops, retreats, and private coaching!

Learn more about available Workshops + Retreats.

Learn more about private coaching options.

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