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Meet Heather

Certified Professional Life Coach

Hi, friend! I get it. You are exhausted, afraid to do something new, and maybe you don't even think you can. Life might not be thrilling, but that's just the way it is, right? 

I disagree! It doesn't have to be that way at all. You only get this one wild life! So let's push beyond those fears and doubts that hold you back. Feel, instead, the power that God has created in you to go do the hard things. Start the business. Be madly in love with your husband. Raise a family. Get promoted. Get healthy.


The challenges you face are not the end; they are opportunities to grow beyond what you ever imagined possible. You can truly accomplish anything.

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Life is Adventure

I started a career in corporate retail shortly after graduating from Marquette University. The pace was fast, the promotions prestigious. My team traveled the country and spent so much time in New York City.

I should have been loving it.

Don't get me wrong! I was crazy grateful for the experiences and provision for my family, but I found that it was the people I cared most about--my coworkers and our customers--not the career.

For a few years, I searched and prayed, got into my Bible, and entrusted dear friends. (If only I had a coach for myself back then!) My head was swimming with all the fears and doubts about doing something different. My career was strong and comfortable, right? Did I really want to rock that boat? And for what?! I had no idea what God wanted, definitely something helping people thrive, but what?

It was July of 2020 when this idea of life being an adventure came into play. I didn't want to just keep letting life happen to me. It suddenly became very important to take risks. Shortly after, Go + Tell Gals announced taking applications for their coaching licensing program.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

The journey began in the moment I applied. It hasn't been a perfect journey, but it has brought so much clarity and growth!

You can have it too! All it takes is the first step, that first bit of courage. And I know you have it in you!

My husband and I overcame great distance and odds to finally start our life together, married in 2011 and parents to three wonderful children. With over ten years of corporate experience, I have a love for business and seeing them thrive. I have also participated in several leadership programs over the last five years and seek to serve in my community and church. My faith is what directs my life, and I want everyone to know the love, joy, and peace found in God. My walk with Jesus has changed absolutely everything, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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