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Welcome and Hello!

Friends! Hello, I'm so glad you're here! Don't mind me. I'm just freaking out that this thing is LIVE and in existence--this thing that I didn't have in mind just over a year ago.

Before coaching, I used to see life pretty linearly--start an entry level job, get promoted, get married and keep going; life just keeps getting better, building on the last chapter. HEAR ME. There is nothing wrong with that life! Some people thrive that way. However, I'm convinced more and more that just isn't what most people experience. Passions change; kids + responsibilities get added; jobs change; a move becomes imminent. You name it! Good or bad, there are trials and opportunities that show up in our lives whether we welcome them or not.

For me, my passion evaporated for my career, and God started calling me to something different. And here I am trusting His timing, His plan, and His Providence.

My hope with One Wild Life is to encourage you to not be shy, falsely humble or small.

Fill up the space God has given you. Be bold. Be courageous where you are.

Someone else might be changed all the more because you are! And hey, if someone has impacted you in a meaningful way, tell them. Genuine gratitude can change the world.

So cheers to an unknown future filled with challenges, surprises and miraculous blessings only God could design! Cheers to life's adventures!

For goodness sakes, LET'S GET OUR HOPES UP! After all, we only get this one wild life!

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