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Vision for the Morning

When I left my corporate job this summer, I didn't realize how much I'd be disrupting my morning rhythm. Not only was it interrupted, but it was difficult to re-establish! I'm not sure about you, but I find that the way my mornings go typically sets the stage for the rest of my day. Calm and refreshed? Hurried and frantic? Crabby? Notes of those feelings will linger in conversation, productivity, and sense of accomplishment. Of course we can always choose to turn it around throughout the day, but this is often much harder.

So not only are morning rhythms very important, but we as women are

bombarded by what we should do each morning. What should our morning look like? And depending on how many different points of view you've listened to on this subject, you're probably overwhelmed and feeling guilty because some of those priorities just don't work for you. You should work out, read your Bible, journal, make homemade breakfast each morning, shower and prepare for the day, etc., etc., etc. Unless you plan to wake up at 4am each day to get through the long list of "should's," I'm encouraging you to catch some vision regarding your morning!

The important component of catching a vision is to WRITE. IT. DOWN. I have spent months randomly thinking about what my morning could look like without actually taking the time to sit down and capture it on paper. See when all we do is think about what would be nice to do in the morning, we don't have purpose around it. There's no plan to keep us accountable, and we tend to sit and scroll, lazily enjoying our coffee. (Or maybe that's just me?!)

When I finally did envision my morning, I understood why I wanted to establish a rhythm, what was getting in the way to attaining it, and how I was going to shift my behaviors to ensure I would stick to it. After months of hitting the snooze, waking up late, rushing through, and then feeling guilty for another day of the same, friends, I was actually excited to wake up the next day!

Below is a link to a worksheet that I created based on the approach I took to envision my mornings. It takes about 15 minutes to work through and will help set you up for productive, powerful mornings! Below the worksheet, I'm going to guide you through filling it out.


Morning Vision Worksheet
Download PDF • 65KB

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